Solution AreaProductsBenefitsROI / Payback
  • Reclaim wasted bandwidth
  • Assure response times to time sensitive interactive applications
  • Allocate slices of bandwidth to Project teams or Processes or Applications
  • Payback for the investment in 6-8 months by reclaiming wasted bandwidth
WAN OptimizationRiverbed, Bluecoat
  • Improve application performance over Wide Area Networks by 10X-30X across a range of applications from bulk data transfers, web based applications to streaming media and videos
  • Improve productivity of users
  • Improve return on bandwidth expenses by 30% by increasing utilization.
Wireless Network InfrastructureAruba Networks, Fortinet
  • With 600 Mbps throughput from 802.11n - make wireless the preferred mode of edge access rather than wired.
  • Enhance productivity by giving users mobility through pervasive wireless
  • Make branch office setups simple by VPN in a box setup through Remote Access Points
  • Provide Infrastructure class services for Tele-workers through special remote access points for home users
  • Reduce costs of network setup by over 40%
  • Reduce MPLS costs by 30-40% by replacing with Internet links
Application Delivery ControllersF5, Radware, Citrix
  • Simplify the performance, availability and security challenges of Application delivery to end-users
  • Save costs by 40-50% by reducing number of servers required, reducing application spend on security and reducing bandwidth
V I R T U A L I Z A T I O N & S T O R A G E
Server VirtualizationVMware, Citrix Xen
  • Reduce the number of Physical servers required
  • Reduce Power consumption, Space requirements and Management Costs.
  • Use Virtual servers for Testing environments for ease of setting up
  • Savings of over 30-40% in moving from Physical to Virtual platforms
  • Move towards Green IT
Desktop VirtualizationCitrix Xen, VMware, Wyse
  • Move from providing Desktop as a device to Desktop as a service to end-users
  • Provide the users their desktop wherever they access it from
  • Improve Security and Manageability
  • Reduce ownership Costs by 30-40% over a three year cycle
  • Save refresh costs by moving from 3 year refresh cycle to 6-7 year refresh cycle
Application VirtualizationCitrix Xen
  • Provide access to applications for end-users irrespective of their location and mode of access
  • Make applications accessible where they were not earlier
StorageEMC, Netgear
  • Centralize and optimize storage of data
  • Secure your data
  • Reduce your unit cost of storage by tiered storage systems
S E C U R I T Y & C O M P L I A N C E
Perimeter SecurityPalo Alto, Fortinet, McAfee
  • Take advantage of Application level identification and apply controls per application per user
  • Mandatory need at the perimeter – choice of Next generation Firewall, best of breed or UTM
Web SecurityBluecoat Proxy, Mimesweeper, Webroot
  • Secure your users from the dynamic threats of the Internet today – Malware and Spyware
  • Provide superior web performance by caching
  • Enforce organization wide web access policies and stay compliant
  • Save between 30-40% of internet bandwidth expenses by caching
  • Improve productivity of employees by enforcing flexible web access policies.
Email SecurityMimesweeper, Webroot
  • Secure the emails received at your email gateway and deliver clean mails to end-users
  • Enforce Anti SPAM and Anti-Virus at the Email gateway
  • Enforce DLP checks through email
  • Save email bandwidth costs by 60-80% by reducing SPAM
  • Basic infrastructure requirement at the gateway
Email ArchivalMimecast
  • Provide easy search and retrieve facility to users for archived e-mails
  • Reduce storage space provided for email at the server
  • Very useful in case of disputes and legal requirements for which old emails may be required as evidence
  • Differs from backup – as if a user deletes a mail it gets deleted from the backup too!
  • Essential business critical requirement for legal, contractual requirements in case of disputes
  • Essential for compliance in many industries
Image and Video CompliancePixAlert
  • Audit your network for presence of objectionable images and videos.
  • Essential compliance requirement


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