With   changing technology landscape,from private to the public cloud,  traditional  wan to  sdwan,  unified network control plane in the lan,ever increasing demands on mobility, and an expanding perimeter of the enterprise.
The customer is in the midst of constant catch-up mode with this landscape. Retaining investment already made and helping customer choose the best fit into their existing environment often is a time-consuming exercise. True System integrators have a role to play here by being customer-focussed and solution oriented, rather than being vendor oriented. The customer also has challenges in retaining IT talent, maintaining a fine balance between costs on resource pools ; thus it is imperative that the customer  aligns with the right partner who can provide a high-touch, focussed attention to their needs.
All this brings a space for collaboration which should help the customer invest in the right solution mix, which blends his existing infrastructure with the changed environment. Appropriate solutioning advice with proper implementation is key to realising return on investment (ROI).   Continuous operation level support to keep the business away from  expensive downtimes is also an important need .
“Value for Money” is not the same as price paid, therefore lower cost and less value does not build the long-term relationship.
High perceived value is the starting point. What follows is being engaged continuously .Let’s not forget for healthy relationships; It’s ‘you & me’ vs ‘the problem’ and NOT ‘you’ vs ‘me’.


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