Virtualization and hyperconvergence

Virtualization has changed the ability of IT to deploy and manage compute infrastructure and lent tremendous power and flexibility to the administrator. As a consequence, the transformation has not merely impacted the data center floor and the inner workings hidden from the business, but it has changed the very nature of computing for the business as well.

At the business layer more and more critical workloads were virtualized , bringing credence to the technology of abstraction of the compute layer.
All of these changes have infused the business with a new ability to depend on IT, and to do so at lower cost and with less risk of disruption.
The emergence of Hyperconvergence
Whilst all the wave 1 of virtualization was about compute virtualization, the data center was still a maize for the IT admin with network and storage continuing to be discretely managed infrastructure. This was some kind of a convergence that was being managed.
There was further abstraction to follow in the storage layer. The entire storage area network and the storage IOs were further abstracted into a single layer.
The most significant alteration in the hyperconvergence approach is that it starts with storage, and aims to make the most difficult to manage resource in the data center highly efficient, performant, and easy to scale.  Hyper converged infrastructure is software defined; which means the infrastructure operations are logically separated from the physical hardware; the integration between components is much tighter than you see with older three tier architecture of compute, SAN and storage. These components have to stay together to function correctly.
Changes now can be made on the software thereby offering a flexible way to handle increasing or changing demands which was not possible with the older converged infrastructure model.
With the hyperconvergence solutions now entering the market, the IT administrator will be able to focus entirely on the server or application, and trust that all of the integrated components transparently work together in the background.



Solution Area



ROI / Payback


Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


  • Virtually no limits on scaling compute and Storage
  • Move workloads seamlessly between hypervisors
  • Over 50% reduction in rack footprint from traditional 3 tier architecture


  • Lower initial investment as you can scale whenever required
  • Move test and development to free Acropolis Hypervisor and save on licensing costs
  • Over 50% reduction in power costs

Server Virtualization

VMware, Citrix Xen

  • Reduce the number of Physical servers required
  • Reduce Power consumption, Space requirements and Management Costs.
  • Use Virtual servers for Testing environments for ease of setting up
  • Savings of over 30-40% in moving from Physical to Virtual platforms
  • Move towards Green IT

Desktop Virtualization

Citrix Xen, VMware View,

  • Move from providing Desktop as a device to Desktop as a service to end-users
  • Provide the users their desktop wherever they access it from
  • Improve Security and Manageability
  • Reduce ownership Costs by 30-40% over a three year cycle
  • Save refresh costs by moving from 3 year refresh cycle to 6-7 year refresh cycle


Application Virtualization

Citrix Xen

  • Provide access to applications for end-users irrespective of their location and mode of access
  • Make applications accessible where they were not earlier



  • Centralize and optimize storage of data
  • Secure your data
  • Reduce your unit cost of storage by tiered storage systems

VM Backup


  • 100% guarantee for Virtual Machine Backups
  • Instant Recovery of VM without physical restore
  • Close to 80% reduction in Backup size
  • Get assurance of 100% recovery of VMs

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