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Next generation firewalls (NGFW)

For future-focused enterprises legacy security doesn’t suffice any longer and demands prevention-focused security architectures that will protect these businesses from the ever-evolving threats that are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The foundation of any strong enterprise security solution is the firewall; however, the traditional firewalls are unable to cater to the growing security needs of modern businesses. A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is the way forward.


NGFWs combine the capabilities of traditional firewalls while also adding useful additional features like cloud-based threat intelligence, advanced intrusion monitoring and prevention, application control, etc. So, for enterprises looking to modernize their security architecture, next-generation firewalls are a no-brainer.

Features of an ideal next-gen firewall

In addition to monitoring, allowing or blocking network traffic based on rules-based filters and protocols (just like the traditional firewalls), a next-generation firewall provides advanced security features as well, such as protection from sophisticated malware and application-layer attacks and access control.

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By virtue of our several years of industry experience as well as our ability to stay on top of the security trends, we are able to offer comprehensive NGFW solutions to our clients in order to significantly improve their security posture. Our well-integrated and prevention-based next-generation firewall solutions help your organization to:

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