Our Story

Integrated into the evolving IT landscape

As the System Integrators for the ambitious, modern, and ever-growing businesses we focus on our customers’ needs and find solutions ahead of the curve, to meet their unarticulated needs, clear the clutter, and optimize the IT infrastructure investments. And to achieve all this, we are constantly learning, improving, and championing change.

We believe that our role goes beyond merely offering solutions for connecting the business elements. We strive to offer more – More Value, More Personal Touch, More Innovation – to you.

The IT landscape has evolved significantly since 1997.

Waterfall methodology is giving way to Agile.​

The Desktop is giving way to the Mobile.

DevOps and DevSecOps are in

Our Story

VFM was founded in 1997 by a passionate group of friends working at the time with the erstwhile IT leader HCL-Hewlett Packard. They say that in IT there is a stack for everything. We focus on the Layers 4 to 7 of perhaps the most well-known stack in infrastructure – the OSI stack (Our logo is a tribute to the OSI stack). We have always brought for our customers leading edge solutions, ahead of the curve. We continue to educate them on the unarticulated potential needs, demonstrate the technical fit of the solutions through in-depth proof of concepts, design the solution architecture, work out the return on proposed investments, deploy and implement the solutions, and support the deployed solution on an ongoing basis.

Based on our rich industry experience, our commitment to long-term and trusted partnerships, and our cutting-edge solutions, we have been able to carve a special place in the industry today. Since 1997, we have measured our success by the positive impact of the solutions we have implemented for our customers, bringing them technologies that solve their problems. Below is a trail of our key successes since our inception.

Our Culture

Ours is a team of highly motivated, collaborative, and research-oriented individuals who strive to stay on top of the constantly evolving technologies and trends. We are driven by our passion for creating innovative, forward-looking, and highly effective solutions that help our customers lead from the front and gain crucial competitive advantage.

We keep customer satisfaction at the centre of all our actions and are proud of the trust and long-term associations we are able to create with our customers.

To our customers, we are their success partners, not vendors.

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We focus on solutions and services that go beyond the cookie-cutter, beyond the generic. We aim to help you stand out
and stay ahead of the competition through solutions that can scale and change as fast your business does.