Became the Largest Mobility Partner in Bengaluru. (Then laptops meant newfound mobility.)


Implemented the First Application-Level QOS solution for a global IT services provider. This allowed them to ensure response times for business-critical applications while containing recreational applications.


Implemented a countrywide QOS solution for a global IT services provider, helping them enforce bandwidth contracts as per business requirements.


Implemented Web Access (browser-based) of client server MFGPro ERP for a leading FMCG company to provide their users across the country access to the application over the Internet.


Implemented a solution for several well-known Semiconductor and Engineering Design firms that provided engineering users access to documentation and project management applications from their native platforms. The solution provided major


Deployed the First Two-Factor Authentication solution for a pharmaceutical company for their VPN users.


Implemented the First SSL VPN solution for an IT services provider to provide secure remote access to their 5000+ employees.


Implemented the First Mirroring Solution (without using common storage) for high availability of an OLTP application, as a part of Tanker Terminal Automation for an Oil Major.


Implemented the First Outbound Email Security solution for an Electrical equipment manufacturer. Outbound controls (as opposed to the standard inbound security) were the key differentiator here for our customer.


Implemented the First Proxy-Based Web Security solution for an electrical equipment manufacturer. 


Implemented the First Internal Email Security solution for a global telecom service BPO, to help maintain Chinese walls between its various internal groups (~ 15000 users) working on different customer


Implemented Outbound Email and Web Security to protect the IP for a broadband communication product company. 


Implemented Comprehensive Email and Web Security for an Indian Pharma company addressing business concerns of loss of confidential information. 


Implemented the First Web Application Acceleration solution for an IT services major for their 30,000+ remote users, bringing down the application response times by almost 4x.


Enterprise Wireless Aricent (few more lines to elaborate?) 


 Implemented QOS solution across all gateways in the country for an IT services provider, positively impacting over 75,000 users.


Implemented Enterprise Wireless for a large IT Service Provider across multiple sites covering three cities with about 200 access points (200 APs was a large number then). This was phase